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           Huizhou Jiahe Industry Co., Ltd is located in Huizhou, a famous city of Guangdong Province, and was founded in March, 2004.

           The Shareholders of Jiahe Industry started the research and sales of Chemical Fiber since 1997, and devoted on Recycling Resources to make great efforts and contribution to the global environment.[See all]

           Jiahe Nonwoven
          filter nonwoven shoes nonwoven textile nonwoven garments nonwoven
          auto-interlining nonwoven packaging nonwoven Functional nonwoven cleaning nonwoven material
          decoration nonwoven Geotextile nonwoven    
           Jiahe Stitchbond
          Dyed stitchbond nonwoven Printed Stitch bond Coated recycle nonwoven Laminated recycle nonwoven
          Black & White stitch bond Curtain stitch bond Mattress recycle nonwoven Shoes interlining stitchbond
          Malivlies Stitch bond Filtration series    
           Jiahe Eco Bags
          PET Nonwoven Bags PP Bags Dyed Bags Printed Nonwoven Bags
          Laminated Bags Thermal Transfer Printed Nonwoven Bag PE Coated Bags Ice Bag
           Jiahe Fiber
          CFR 1633 Flame Retardant Cotton Fire Retardant Felt Needle-punched Cotton

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        Service Center

        Call: +86-1335-2624-838
        E_Mail:sales@recyclenonwoven.com OR ChenChao@jiahe.com.hk
        MSN: sales@recyclenonwoven.com OR ChenChao@jiahe.com.hk
        skype: jh2624888xu
        TradeManager: GD800800

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