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        Water bottle boost for UK’s recycled pet market
        Author:admin  Source:Site  Released time:2011/6/16 14:38:20  Click:2324

        The UK’s recovered bottle market received a vote of confidence as a major bottled water company announced plans to buy more recycled PET from a UK reprocessor. French mineral water company Danone, producer of Evian and Volvic, said it will buy 12,000 tonnes of recycled PET from Greenstar by 2011.

        This year, Danone will buy 5,000 tonnes of plastic, which will be made into new bottles at its factory in Dijon. This will save the company £250,000 this year alone.

        Danone Waters UK external communications director Trevor Datson said the plans were part of the company’s efforts to offset the plastic that Danone introduced into the UK. As well as recycling used bottles he added: “We also wanted to make sure the plastic we recovered goes back into our bottles.”

        Danone Waters UK and Ireland chief executive Nick Krzyzaniak said: “For every Evian and Volvic bottle sold here in the UK, one bottle will be recycled and the plastic reused.”

        Speaking about the UK PET market Datson said: “PET availability is woefully low in the UK and we can’t control that but we do want to contribute to its use. That is why we have chosen Greenstar to supply the PET. By doing this our impact is neutralised.”

        Answering criticism that it would be better to buy the PET within France Datson said: “Trucks that bring the new water bottles to the UK will return to the French manufacturing plant full of recovered plastic bales from Greenstar. This is better than empty trucks returning to Dijon.”

        “It makes perfect sense to gather PET here and offset our plastic footprint. This is about our UK plastic footprint. By taking material from the UK, we are priming the pump for the country.

        “We have trialled using recovered plastic and we know it works, so the next stage is to looking at rolling it out elsewhere. People within the group will be looking to emulate this system because we know it works. We want this to be best practice neutralising our own impact.”

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